Voice Over Coaching

Since 1987, Thom has taught hundreds of aspiring talent the “Colors” approach to voice over. Simply put, it is a visual technique he created to access the full spectrum of the voice and, in turn, add more depth and feeling to one’s performance.

We’ve all witnessed how certain colors in our environment can elicit specific responses. Hospitals have used soothing blues and light shades of green to create a calm atmosphere. Red sports cars have a more vitbrant image than a white one. And what is it about silver that tells consumers that they’re going to pay more for a product? Just as we react emotionally ot our visual world, our auditory sense also respond to certain sounds or colors of the voice.

Thom is also one of a handful of directors who work via the Internet in “Cyber Sessions.” This new form of coaching addresses the needs of today’s voice over talent to direct themselves on auditions from their home studios.

For more infomation on private cyber sessions, contact Thom directly. For more information about “Colors” or any of Thom's classes, please visit Voice Trax San Francisco.