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If you’ve been watching television over the past three decades, chances are you’ve heard Thom Pinto’s voice.

His recent commercial television voice-over credits include an introspective storyteller for Audi,  an “everyman” for  AT&T U-Verse,  a whimsical poet on Clorox and a fun-loving retro announcer for Fuze Tea.


As a narrator he is a familiar voice on cable documentaries and series--History Channel’s Charles Manson, Discovery’s  Arctic Rescue, The Weather Channel’s  American Supernatural, CBS All Access' Twilight Zone,  and Smithsonian Channel’s Crazy Monsters

And since 2007, he has been a promo voice for the CBS News family:  CBS This Morning, 48 Hours, and the CBS Evening News.  He has also been the signature promo voice for KRON TV/San Francisco since 1995.

Thom is also a trusted coach to hundreds of working voice actors in Los Angeles, San Francisco and across the country.


Pinto, the Producer, circa 1980

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